New Product: iluma Masonry & Stair Light

In addition to the iluma Under Rail Lighting, i-lighting has also included iluma masonry and stair lighting kits to our product line.

The iluma masonry and stair light comes ready to adhere to brick, concrete, stone or decking with double back tape and the Easy Plug T-Cable extends 9” in either direction for easy installation.. Available in black and white poly carbonate tubing in 3”, 6”, 9” and 12” lengths.

3” White 5mm iluma with Easy Plug T-Cable
6” Black 5mm iluma with Easy Plug T-Cable

Featured Project: Landscape Concepts

i-lighting is proud to announce that Scott Sharrow from Landscape Concepts in Frederick, MD has broken the i-lighting record! He has installed the most number of landscape lights on a single project. On a masonry wall that spans about 650 feet long, Scott used over 130 masonry lights, 17 up lights and 16 path lights.


We were excited to hear that the homeowner is enjoying the lights including the remote dimmer with timer option. All 163 lights can be turned on/off, dimmed up and down and set to a timer to turn off in 2, 4 or 6 hours.

IMG_5406 - Copy